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Dr. Jinnett advises RETAIN initiative around the power of cross-sector integration for SAW/RTW outcomes

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Learn more about CWHP's new study on complex cases and pharmacogenomic testing

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Lower healthcare costs by focusing some attention on the work environment

Press & Events

Different types of workers

Dr. Jinnett presents a webinar on October 2nd at the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, UC Berkeley.

Signs with balance and burnout

Dr. Jinnett will present at the Employee Assistance Roundtable to be held September 23-25 in St Louis, MO.  

Upcoming Events

Informative research and reports produced by CWHP and aimed at improving our understanding of workforce health and performance, including how to support and improve it.

CWHP offers opportunities to participate in ongoing research studies, surveys, internships and other knowledge-building activities. If you are interested in supporting additional research, white papers, webinars or other activities around these topics or other important issues relevant to