Introducing new CWHP Board member, Claire Brockbank

Claire Brockbank

Claire Brockbank is a 30-year veteran of the health care industry, with a breadth and depth of perspective that can only come from working across the spectrum of industry segments. Ms. Brockbank is the founder and a principal partner of Segue Consulting, a health care strategy and business development firm. Since 1996, Segue has helped international, national, and local clients revamp their business strategies to help shape or better align with the rapidly changing health care marketplace. Ms. Brockbank has been a featured speaker at a number of national conferences and her published research can be found in publications including Health Affairs, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Benefits Magazine.  Check-out Ms. Brockbank’s recent Benefit Magazine article on how small employers can develop data-driven health risk-reduction programs.