Voices of engagement

Dr. Kimberly Jinnett
hands shaking with words such as cooperate

Listen to voices of engagement from a recent gathering of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). You will find a variety of stakeholder viewpoints from patient advocates and caregivers to clinicians and researchers. Dr. Jinnett, CWHP Research Director, explains that the health needs of working Americans have not been as effectively addressed by research and analysis as they could be. Bridging different stakeholder viewpoints has been a key to connecting an understanding of how employee health affects work outcomes such as attendance, performance and leaves of absence. These real world quality of life outcomes are important measures for clinical researchers to consider in their studies and for clinicians to ask about during the medical encounter. The more that functional outcomes of relevance to a working population can be included in conversation and study, the better the opportunity to focus on these quality of life improvements that matter to patients who also want to work.

Listen at:  https://www.pcori.org/engagement/engage-us/voices-engagement