Physical and Psychosocial Stressors, Job Quality and Workforce Health & Performance

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This study explores the relationship between employee health, work climate, absence, job performance and organizational impacts. 

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Initially launched by the Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) with two pilot sites completed this project has been transferred to the Center for Workforce Health and Performance (CWHP) as an open recruitment study.  CWHP will continue to build a research database that can be used to answer an array of pressing questions.

Here are the reports produced from this ongoing research effort

The Invisible Response to Absence | Integrated Benefits Institute

Employers bear costs from employee lost work time – whether from health-related absence or reduced performance – but those costs often are invisible. This report is the first in a series from the study “The Impact of Health on Job Performance and Productivity” and will provide employers with useful information from employees and their managers …


Ill Employees in Unsupportive Workplaces Have More Absences and Lower Performance | Integrated Benefits Institute

Employees working in unsupportive work climates characterized by unsafe working conditions, low respect and trust, poor variety and learning and high workload are associated with higher absence and lower job performence.  Further unsupportive work climates exacerbate the effects of physical and mental health symptoms on work outcomes.