October 10/16

A CWHP report on Consumerism, Self-Care Trends and the Broader Value of Health suggests the importance of education and tools to assist individuals in making smart treatment decisions -- whether in the formal treatment system or through self-care alternatives.

September 9/16

It is well-known in the public health field that health services account for, on average, about 10% of health, while additional factors account for the remaining 90%, including contributors such as genetics, health behaviors, socio-economic circumstances and environmental influences. 

August 8/16

An array of CDC tools are publicly-available to employers interested in workforce health improvement using evidence-based practices.

August 8/16

The Integrated Benefits Institute (IBI) interviewed employers’ thinking on health-related benefits and program integration, how their approach functions in practice and the consequences for employee health and business value.

July 7/16

Each month CWHP will consolidate key content from the prior month in the form of a newsletter.  These newsletters will be archived in the News & Events section of the website. The June 2016 issue can be downloaded here...