July 7/16

The RWJ Foundation and UCSF work together to fund an array of research efforts aimed at understanding and influencing cultures of health.  Dr. Hangsheng Liu and his colleagues at RAND are one of their grantees and a ...

May 5/16

As an increasing number of employers continue to rely on an aging workforce for a majority of their advanced skills work, employers are becoming more concerned about the potential negative impact of chronic health conditions on overall worker health and safety.

May 5/16

In a recent commentary article Dr. Arnold Bakker at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam suggests that a multilevel approach to understanding employee well-being may help bring together different, and sometimes competing, theoretical approaches.

September 9/15

The CWHP’s first report, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Workforce Health and Productivity in the United States, underscores that employers have many opportunities to help employees with musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) stay at work and return to work from disability leaves. Efforts to facilitate...

August 8/15

As a system output, “health” and its related components should have a more prominent role in the national health care debate. Much is at stake and the timing is critical. As a result of health care reform, employers will soon be deciding whether to (1) continue to provide health insurance for...