Work: The Good, The Bad and The Precarious

miniature workers and coins

In response to the Business Roundtable press release of August 19, 2019, CWHP reviews the good, the bad and the precarious nature of work today in this Blog Article from October, 2019.  As the future of work shifts to a new economic reality for workers, an array of policy and practice solutions should be tried that protect worker health, wellbeing and income security.  Whether such solutions are tried by employers, states, or other entities, we need accountability mechanisms and reliable measurement to understand whether the results we desire are achieved. Let's hold ourselves accountable for creating that economic security!  

We would like to hear your ideas on how more supportive work can become a reality.  Send us your thoughts.

Healthy Work Agenda - Healthy Work Campaign

The Healthy Work Agenda is designed to promote understanding, discussions, and actions that advance “healthy work.” (See Principles of Healthy Work.) Created to support the Healthy Work Campaign, the Agenda is a set of actions to improve the quality of jobs and promote “healthy work.” Those actions are part of an effort to encourage “thinking …